Eso warden tank build

The purpose of this build will be to offer Warden players interested in the tanking role, a way to level up through the early game. Warden tanking is a truly powerful playstyle in the Elder Scrolls Online. It takes away a lot of great ideas from things like Max Health scaling abilities from the Templar Tank, as well as the hardy defensive roles from the Dragonknight. Leveling as a tank has a lot of stuff left to choice. You might want to level as a damage dealer to have a speedy experience, or you might want to level as a full tank so you can experience the Looking for Group and begin experimenting with how tanking in ESO works.

It will enable raw defensive power in form of mitigation, as well as a lot of great utility like reducing cost of blocking and other important stats. If you like a more offensive Stamina based approach, try Bow or Two Handed.

eso warden tank build

If you prefer a more defensive Magicka approach, try Restoration Staff. Find yourself a friend as soon as possible so you can get your hands on great gear.

Crafted sets are by far the strongest way to level up in ESO, so hold onto that quest money to pay the bills, or start learning crafting yourself! The focus with this is to enable survival and a little bit of resource management. Leveling as a tank makes gear choices pretty up to the user though, as you can get away with a lot of stuff. I usually suggest working on pumping up Blessed, and then either Elfborn or Precise Strikes to buff your healing.

A healthy split between Hardy and Elemental Expert until 40 will help reduce damage greatly and improve survivability. Arcanist and Shadow Ward are your best friends as a tank. Work on Shadow Ward first, and once it started hitting diminishing returns start spending elsewhere. Dungeons and trials will be our primary focus, but you can easily swap some skills around and enter Cyrodiil too.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes. In this section you will find a multitude of options, trying to give every player an idea of what gear to go after.

eso warden tank build

Imperials offer a massive boost to Stamina and Health, which are vital to any tank. Their West Star passive also adds a tiny bit of self healing. Orcs are a very versatile race that bring Stamina, Health, Healing amplifications, and even damage. CP is more of a preference thing for tanks, so feel free to use whatever you like.

Should you play this build? Priority Skills Bar Progression coming soon Leveling as a tank has a lot of stuff left to choice.

Puncture Taunt morph to Pierce Armor — Our bread and butter as a tank, forcing an enemy to focus us for the next 15 seconds. We take Pierce Armor to ensure enemies are also taking additional damage, as it reduces their Armor by for 12 seconds, making them Defensive Posture Self buff morph to Absorb Magic — A truly underutilized skill for tanks, despite it being amazing.

Once this skill is morphed, if we activate this skill, the next Spell based projectile casted at us will instead heal us for an insane amount. This skill alone can let you live through an intense boss fight or trash pull; so watch your surroundings!

We need it to taunt, block, and bash enemies; making it extremely important. Bull Netch will offer us some much needed Stamina over 25 seconds, and it costs nothing to use. Every time you get hit, you heal, making this skill a no brainer as a tank. Lotus Flower Buff and Heal morph to preference — While we will be tanking, this skill helps the Warden heal themself wonderfully while leveling up.

Morph options will make the range larger and cost less, or additional self preservation in form of Minor Protection. It can crit, but it will only use Spell Critical; so this is better for more Magicka based tanks. Arctic Blast will also add some additional damage performance, scaling off our Max Health, making it great for tanks and leveling! Impaling Shards Damage over time morph to preference — More damage is always good, and this skill will scale with our Max health base morph and Gripping Shards morphletting it synergize extremely well with our function as a tank.

Simply place this skill at your feet and snare your enemies and deal frost damage every second for 12 seconds!Welcome to Dottzgaming. However, this web-page will be left up for those who still would like to refer to it. This build is intended for all levels of PvE: trials, dungeons, and general PvE.

The warden tank is often scoffed at when compared to its dragon knight counterpart. Little do many people know, the warden is a fantastic tank and does just about everything the dragon knight does. The Warden tank can provide another very valuable buff, namely Minor Toughness by simply providing a little bit of healing. The guide documented here includes several versions of tank setups from the beginner to the more advanced.

NOTE: The most important piece of advice playing a tank is to learn your class and understand the situations you are going to be in while tanking. The best build for you is the one that works for you. If you are not able to farm perfected claw of yolnakhriin, the non-perfected version will also work well. This offers a bit more group utility. This helm set is pretty much up all the time so the resistance bonuses are active for most of the fight as long as you take damage.

Crusher is the priority enchantment for tanks, so we put that on our staff back bar to receive the full value. Why do we use decisive absorb stamina? Since one-handed enchantments are now half the value, going with the standard infused is not very valuable anymore. Decisive lets you gain ultimate a little faster. Most one handed enchantments are not very good so we use absorb stamina to gain the little stamina back that we can.

If you are still learning to tank, an ice staff is a bit of a safer choice. The ice staff provides the same blocking effects that a shield does, but a shock staff does not. The value of the shock staff is in its ability to proc off-balance. A group consisting of stamina DPS players will benefit more from you using a shock staff. Why do we use infused on the head, chest, and legs pieces and sturdy on the rest? Infused on those three pieces provide increased value to the armor enchantment.

eso warden tank build

See section further below on the topic of Sustain. Adjust them as you see fit to give you the health, stamina, and magicka pools that work well for you. The Advanced setup is intended for veteran hardmode DLC dungeons and Nightflame combined with your healing abilities provides plenty of healing for yourself and your group members.

The intermediate setup skill bar only introduces one skill from the beginner setup, Balance. In a coordinated group, this skill pretty much offers you unlimited magicka sustain. It does have a drawback though, in that it costs health to use and limits your own self-heals and shields for 4 seconds.

It does not however limit any healing you receive from a healer. As long as you are standing in heals over time effects, you will top off your health quickly after casting Balance. For this build we recommend playing as a vampire.Note, we are currently working on updating them all, but just so you have this as a reference point. Best success. Deltia big fan you helped me out from day one I follow all your builds they are the best and you give great advice.

That is a remarkably ignorant generalization to make. That said, I agree that this is a wise choice. Spending time with your family is the best thing you could possibly do. I have just recently returned, but I plan to limit my time on Elder Scrolls Online.

Seems the magica warden build is broken, or just still being worked on? Thanks for the others though! Trying to get more information on it and finding a better build, as currently it feels very weak. Thanks Gill for all the hard work you put into your builds, videos and advice about the game.

I feel at the current state of things it would be a folly to do so. So while creating your own brand may be time consuming, developing your own ESO identity either on this site or another may be the way to go. You guys are both awesome. Deltia, thank you for promoting long lost honesty, integrity, commitment and values. And thanks Guilliame, for picking up the mantle, and helping all of us that struggle to understand the complexities of ESO.

I have learned a lot from both of you. It is very much recognized and appreciated.

Tank - Necro or Warden

Are you going to get a magica build out before launch? And can you please state witch one does more damage and or is better for trials. Truth too much? Thank you for all of the great builds you provide.

Also, coming from an man that is married with children, I fully respect your commitment to spend more time with your family! I appreciate all the info and work put into it I do get good tips but I find most builds have sets I cant craft so I find myself being squishy because I only play alone and run crafted sets. Stamina builds can heal themselves with Vigor while magicka builds protect themselves with shields like Harness Magicka.

Hey so this is my bible as a casual gamer for quick and effective builds. Only using brawler from 2 hander so feels like the clear choose is dual wield, but all my other guys are, anyways any suggestions would be sweet. Went back to GW2 and life moved on. About a year plus later, I decided to visit ESO again, but this time do some research first.

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I found your channel and immediately bookmarked your build videos and implemented your very easy to understand suggestions. I found that with your guides, and some changes by the game, that it was in fact the game I had hoped it would be. As a long time gamer EQ1 launchyour guides are the best I have encountered.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. Also, thank you for sharing your struggles to help others. That should be what it is all about. Either way, I wish you and your family all the best while going through this. You have taken the greatest step by coming out and stating your issue. This will not only help you, but also others who look up to you.

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Thank you for your dedication and help over the years I have always found your advice informative and helpful.Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Leave a Reply. Heyo guys! So I have a warden in cp range that I don't use anymore and my main has been a stamina redguard necromancer which is about to hit I am mainly going to be dpsing with him but I also want to get into tanking changing some attributes and morphs of coursealthough I don't know if instead I should build my warden for that role or if I should just build him to be an healer.

Keep in mind I don't really want to be the best tank ever, just want to be viable to run some harder content than daily dungeons. For those of you who have played both tanks or have had runs with them, which one did you guys like the most more fun, viable etc?

Also, do you think I should just use my warden to heal and use my necro to tank sometimes? Thank you for your insight! At the end it is your choice. I for example despise stam tanking, and therefore my dk tank, that is barely being touched.

While my sorc likes to put on some tanking gear and head out, and i like my nb too, therefore, you should do whatever you enjoy more, since all tanks can be fun, or boring, it is your taste.

Edited by zvavi on August 15, PM. August If you plan to play a tank for harder content where extended blocking may be required and plan to build to block primarily with stamina as most tanks do, warden has easier built-in stam sustain while blocking bull netch. Necro tanks genwrally bring more built-in offensive support than wardens but less than dk.

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They bring less defensive support, group mitigation, and healing than wardens but arguably a very different form of support in the res ult if you use it. None of these are deal breakers and I would also encourage you to try them both and pick the one that feels the best and most fun in its flavor and abilities.

As long as you put some thought into your setup, either can be viable in the tanking role. I suggest playing around with both and seeing if one or the other feels like a better fit to your personal play style. This would leave the flexibility of being able to switch to DPS or healer by switching gear and skills. Sign In or Register to comment.I forgot my password. Stamina Warden is one of the best DPS setups currently. It offers high single-target damage, great sustain, and unparalleled AoE clearing potential.

This is also quite a niched class, making it a very interesting pick. Wardens provide enjoyable playstyle, with easy resource management thanks to several available class abilities, allowing for very smooth gameplay. It ranks 5 on our DPS Tier list. Below you will find all the recommended gear and Sets, but no Trial items were included. This guide should be treated as a starting point to build your character and when you reach higher levels you should have a very solid base for experimenting and adjusting the build to your personal taste.

Secondary Skillset [Bow - supporting damage and buffs]. This is the best set for this build. Vicious Serpent : the best set for this build in terms of self-sustain and widely considered the best set overall for Stamina builds. Vicious Serpent restores Stamina every time you kill an enemy. It is bound on pickup. Maelstrom Set - a single piece set which can be obtained from the veteran Maelstrom Arena.

Maelstrom weapons have a proc related to a specific ability, depending on a weapon type It's a single piece set which grants:.

End-Game PvE Warden Main Tank Build by Liofa

Hunding's Rage: very popular Set among Stamina damage dealer characters. It is craftable and is available in all three armor types. Hunding's Rage is bound on equip. Briarheart: another solid Set for Stamina builds.

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It grants solid self-healing via Critical Strikes. Briarheart can be obtained in Wrothgar in the Overland content. It can be also found on Guild Traders and it's bound on equip.

On Odealo dozens of sellers compete for your attention. Sign in Sign in with your Odealo account. Remember me. Log in. Create a new account Don't have an account yet?

Warden Builds

Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Like this:. Share this:. High single-target DPS.I forgot my password. While all the Classes in ESO have a set of restricted skills, most of them can be played in various ways, as many aspects of your character are determined by the gear you are using and via Champion Points distribution.

We will be updating our builds for the newest Patches and game content. Dragonknight is a melee class in Elder Scrolls Online. It bears the closest resemblance to a classic Warrior out of all available classes in the game.

Thanks to the addition of powerful Fire-based spells in Dragonknights' disposal, they can be potent spellcasters or support characters as well. Nightblade is a melee damage-dealing Class.

Nightblades are primarily oriented on using fast one-handed weapons and stealth techniques to quickly take down enemies in both PvE and PvP fights.

Nightblade Class also offers a very high healing potential for both Dungeons and Trials. Sorcerer is a classic spellcaster Class. Sorcerers offer a wide variety of powerful damaging spells which include hurling bolts of lightning, creating tornadoes and summoning Daedric creatures to your aid.

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Templar is a defensive type of character. Templar is a knight which uses holy spells to aid himself and his allies in battle. Templar is the most versatile Class in Elder Scrolls Online, which can be used as a very solid tank, damage-dealer, support character, and is widely considered the best healing Class in the game.

Wardens harness the vast power of nature to protect life and well, destroy enemies.

ESO Northernwind (Warden) Solo/Tank.

Warden has powerful frost spells at his disposal and can summon animals to his aid. Warden is a versatile class which can be played in various ways. They are well-suited for all three major roles in ESO. Necromancer class is yet to be released and our guides are currently in beta stage. You can also check our ESO Necromancer class and skills overview. You are guaranteed to find ESO Gold at the best price. Elder Scrolls Online provide amazing character customization options, and any class can be played any way you want to.In The Elder Scrolls: Onlinelike in many other MMORPGs, tanks are crucial roles in any group content -- pulling all the monsters and mobs to themselves, then soaking the damage those mobs would otherwise deal to the rest of the group.

Dragonknights DK in ESO can have some of the best tanking builds in the game, and of the five class options including the Warden from the new Morrowind DLCDragonknight is possibly the easiest to tank with. Unfortunately, unlike many other MMOs, ESO can be difficult to parse in terms of the best abilities, weapons, and passive skills to use.

Where other MMOs have entire websites dedicated to telling players what gear to use, what talents to purchase, and which skills to use when and in what order, even!

These guides are no doubt helpful, but some of them outright contradict the others -- leaving players somewhat confused as to what they should be doing.

eso warden tank build

There is an argument to be made that you should just find the skills, gear, and etc that suit your playstyle and have fun with the game. However, other players like finding builds online because someone's done the boring, frustrating legwork for them to optimize their utility. Luckily for you, we've perused all the suggested builds for Dragonknight tanks, and put together this ultimate build guide to help you spec your DK as best you can.

This build will take you through the best race options, skill selection, passives selection, Champion Points purchases, and some gear selection. We'll start with optimal races:. No, that is not a typo. You can safely choose any race at the start of the game and still make a kick-ass DK tank. That being said, there are four races that are slightly better at the job: Argonian, Imperial, Nord, and Orc.

Argonians come with a laundry list of racial abilities and passives that help them to be wonderful tanks:. Similarly, Imperials have a good list of racial passives that make them ideal tanks:. Any of these four races will make excellent tanks, and the decision is largely up to taste. Others will say that Imperials, with their larger health pool, make the better tank.

You should choose which race you want to play, either based on the stats above or whatever your personal tanking style is.

In the end, it's your character. This means that having the right skills upgraded and ready to go is imperative. Luckily, you have two skill bars to switch between at the touch of a button, so you can effectively respond to different situations. Use this when you're actively engaged in melee with one or more targets. Use this to pull mobs before combat, or switch to it to activate your AoE skills and switch back to your primary bar.

Many of these are largely up to you to fit into your playstyle, but One Hand and Shield passives and Heavy Armor passives are almost all useful.

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